The 5 Best Poker Apps


Apple LogoAndroid LogoThe app market for smartphones is booming with new applications being released almost every second of the day. Of course there are numerous poker-themed apps as poker is by far the most popular card game in the world. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t fully allow real-money poker apps in their iTunes Store (there is one exception at the moment, more on that later), but you can still download a wide range of playmoney or other poker-themed applications. We did some research and came up with our top 5 of the best poker apps, in descending order:

5. Ultimate Holdem Timer – Do you remember the home game tournaments you played with endless chatter on how high the blinds should be and when they should increase? It’s past time with this great app! It’s free of charge, but only available for Android.

4. Live Holdem Poker Pro – A free Android App with a huge amount of users so there are always enough tables to play at. The Facebook Connect function makes it easy to ‘Plug & Play’. Some great functions like ‘Phone Calls’ (to prevent ‘phone time-outs’ in the middle of a game) make this is a killer poker app. Not availabe for iPhone at the moment.

3. Bwin Poker – We just had to include the only real-money poker app in the iTunes Store. We don’t know how to got it to be approved by Apple but they did, so all iPhone and iPad lovers can play a game of poker for real dollars. Not available in the US, but in most European countries. Download it from the Bwin site.

2. Zynga Poker – As thé social media poker platform, you can be sure that Zynga Poker has created a great working app. Okay, you can’t play for real-money but this application is really well-build and has gotten a lot of good reviews. Available for iPhone and Android and free of charge.

1. Rush Poker – Rush Poker was developed by Full Tilt and it seems like this new form of poker was developed especially for mobile devices. The problem of not being able to multi-table on a phone or tablet is more or less solved by Rush Poker. The fast pace of the game makes it unnecessary to play more than one table at once.

Of course it is very hard to give a top 5 with so many good poker applications out there and the fact that some are compliant either only for Android or for iPhone. These are the best poker apps in our eyes, but we might have missed a great one. Let us know in the comments if you think a cool one is missing!