Freeroll Tournaments


Freerolls are basically online based poker tournaments handing out real money prizes and are offered to players for free, which means that you will not be paying any participation fees for any of the tournaments, but at the same time win thousands of dollars at large freeroll tournaments.

Free tickets are given out by online poker websites which can be used to participate in a freeroll tournament, after making a deposit. Tournaments with freeroll tickets on the offer are also known as New Depositors Freeroll Tournaments. Some freeroll tournaments also offer Frequent Player Points, which are basically loyalty points, through which you can play poker online and earn real money.

The best part about joining a freeroll poker tournament is that you will get the chance of improving your skills at poker while learning the game without paying any price. Also, such tournaments also offer cash prizes of up to $1000, with the player coming on first place taking away $300 to his home. The reason why freeroll tournaments are a popular choice amongst beginners is that they are free, and you can play as much as you like without spending a single penny.

But Freeroll Poker has its drawbacks too. Participating in them is very time consuming, and after spending 3-4 hours sitting in front of your screen, chances are high you will not win anything. Apart from that, because of free participation, and with a cash prize of $1000, you will come across more then 500 people playing in the same game, with just less then 10% of them wining anything.

Also, if you compare freeroll tournaments with the normal poker tournaments, you will realize that your chances of winning at Freeroll Tournaments is much lower, especially if you are a beginner, but if you have gained a lot of skills, and have been playing poker for a long time, then Freeroll Tournaments would be a great option, but at the same time online poker tournaments would be a far better choice since they offer very big prizes going up to millions of dollars, and the chances you will win will be higher.

You will be able to come across several online poker rooms which offer freeroll tournaments, and you can always check the promotions page on any popular online poker websites for more information about the tournaments schedule and the prizes they are offering. Of course, has the best solution for you. On our special Freeroll page we have live updates on all freerolls that are taking place on the internet!

Online sites offering freeroll tournaments are plenty, and you can just go through their offers and promotions for further information and prizes. But before you join any freeroll tournament, do go through the terms and conditions, because this way you will be able to remove any misinformation that you might have. Also study the terms of deposits, and receiving a bonus on it.