Full Tilt Poker launches nine new games


Full Tilt logoThe second biggest online poker room in the world- Full Tilt Poker, just announced the launch of a staggering number of 8(!) new games in their poker client. The new games are all varieties on existing games and/or other multi table formats.

Usually when a poker site comes with new games we always have to be suspicious: ‘Is this just another game?’ we ask ourselves often times. But Full Tilt has build some credit with the launch of Rush Poker earlier this year, so we should be less suspicious than usual..

In total there are 9 new games available, with 8 of them being draw games. The new draw games at Full Tilt are:

NL 2-7 Single Draw
FL 2-7 Triple Draw
NL 2-7 Triple Draw
FL 5 Card Draw
PL 5 Card Draw
NL 5 Card Draw
FL A-5 Triple Draw
FL Badugi

The ninth addition is a really cool 10-game, adding Badugi, No Limit 2-7 SD, and Limit 2-7 TD to the existing 7-Game.

Admitted, these new games probably won’t have the impact of the highly popular Rush Poker. It’s nice however for players that want to play something else than the usual game of Texas Hold’em or Omaha.

The games are already running and you can play as low as $0.01-$0.02. The High Stakers at Full Tilt also seem to like the games, we already saw action at $100-$200.

Strategy tip: when new games are added to a site, the games are usually pretty soft the first weeks. People are trying out and are clueless often times. A good example is the aforementioned Rush Poker. The first few weeks after Rush was launched the overall level of the players was just pathetic..