Swedish poker phenom Isildur1 awaits $150 million tax claim


Viktor BlomNo, that’s not $150,000…you’ve read it right: Viktor ‘Isildur1′ is apparently under investigation of the Swedish tax authorities and might face a $150,000,000 claim.

When Isildur1 signed with Pokerstars he decided to reveal his true identity -real name Viktor Blom- to end all speculations. According to Dagens Industri, this might have brought the Swedish Tax Authorities to start an investigation on the online high stakes player.

The ridiculously high amount of the claim is due to a curious tax rule in the land of IKEA and Knäckebrod. In an attempt to force Swedish players to play on their national poker site, the authorities created a tax rule which says that players who play on a foreign sites are obliged to pay a 30% tax on every pot they win. Lost hands are not deductable. With the enormous amount of hands Isildur1 played combined with the stakes on which he played them, the 20-year old came to a turnover of $4,5 billion.

Viktor Blom currently resides in London, but as he just moved recently and lived and played online poker in Sweden for the majority of the last years, this didn’t release him from taxes for the past online poker cashes.