Membership Poker – 100% Legal Option in US!


membership poker photoMembership Poker -also known as ‘Sweepstakes Poker’ or ‘Subscription-based poker’-, is a 100% legal option to play poker in the US. This is especially welcome since the Department of Justice seized four major online poker sites in the United States. In this article we go over the advantages and disadvantages of membership poker and present you with our favourite subscription poker room: ClubWPT.

What is Membership Poker?

With membership poker, players don’t deposit money and play with that money like you would do usually in online poker. Instead, people pay a monthly fee which give them acces to all the poker tournaments the site offers. Subscription poker is not a new phenom but exists for years. Since the uncertain legal situation that has arisen earlier this year however, the popularity of membership poker sites sky-rocketed.

The advantages of Membership-based Poker

Besides being 100% legal in the US, there are more advantages to membership-based poker. The biggest advantage is you know exactly what you pay each month and you can’t lose more than your monthly fee. With ClubWPT for example this is $19,99 per month (discounts for semi-annual and annual memberships) which is great to control losses that inevitably occur in online poker. Don’t think there is little to win though, with ClubWPT there is over $100,000 to win in cash prizes each month.

Another advantage is the ‘club feeling’ which is much more present with sweepstakes poker sites. Many members see it more as a poker club and the chat function is used a lot more than you would see in a regular online poker room. The club feeling is encouraged by giving extra perks to members like free poker magazines, organizing club days etc.

The disadvantages of Subscription-based Poker

As a disadvantage we could see the lower level of players we see in subscription poker sites. As this is an advantage at the same time (who doesn’t want to play bad opponents?!), we can see this being a disadvantage for serious players that want to get really good at poker and are in it for the big money and prizes. If you play day in-day out against bad opponents your own level will not increase as much as it would by playing against strong opponents.

Another disadvantage is the lack of real money cash games. Not strange because we are talking about membership-poker and you can’t make deposits, but it’s something to remind.

If this is too much for you and you are a US citizen that wants to play online poker, consider US Poker sites that still take US Players. They use foreign payment processors to offer real money poker


usa legal pokerWhile there are a few membership poker sites, our preferred choice is defintely ClubWPT. This strong and reliable brand offers great software and over $100,000 in monthly cash prizes. In doesn’t stop there though, with many extra benefits for members. What do you think of free qualifiers to World Poker Tour Events, Las Vegas discounts, bonus footage of WPT episodes, a free subscription to the WPT poker magazine and much more…

Try ClubWPT for free with a 14-days trial. After two weeks you decide whether you like to the system of subscription poker.

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