Poker Babes: Lily Elviro Mizrachi


While Lily Elviro Mizrachi is not that famous for her poker qualities, she definitely qualifies for the term ‘poker babe’. That she qualifies for ‘babe’ you will see in a second, and in regards to ‘poker’ we also have to give credits to Elviro.

Lilly Elviro is most famous for being the wife of Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi. They met in the Seminole Indian casino in Hollywood where they both worked as poker dealers. Lily (or Aidiliy, as she is called officially) was born in 1983 in Miami, Florida. In her family, gambling was a big thing. Even before meeting The Grinder, Lily always had poker and gambling in her blood. Rumors are that her mom was literally pulled out of casino just before giving birth to her.

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With the help of Michael Lily started to become good at poker. Her first appearance in the poker scene was at the WPT Ladies Night 3 where she finished 2nd behind winner Jennifer Tilly. Her biggest accomplishment came when she finished 27th at the WPT World Poker Challenge. Mrs. Grinder took home $10,352. Probably her husband will tip more than that amount this November when he is playing the final table of the World Series of Poker, but hey, you all came for the pictures right? Here you are:

Lilly and Michael Mizrachi

Lily Elviro Mizrachi

lily elviro

lily elviro boobs