The Pokerstars Big Game Preview


poker-stars-big-game2In case you haven’t heard about the Big Game yet, The Big Game is a new and unique televised cash game show with a minumum buyin of $100,000.

One unique aspect of the game is the presence of a so called ‘loose canon’. This loose canon is a player who qualified through Pokerstars and whom Pokerstars will stake for a $100,000. The qualifier then plays in the cash game with some of the best poker players in the world (or at least the most famous…) like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth and gets to keep every penny he has more than $100,000! This will make for some interesting dynamic because when a qualifier has less than $100K before the last hand of the show he will have to make a lot of action. To prevent the player from going all in every hand, the game will be played in a Pot Limit Holdem format pre-flop and No Limit after the flop.

How can you become a loose canon (for free)?

First of all, you need an account at Pokerstars. If you don’t have one already you can get an account through us. This way, you’ll receive a 100% signup bonus with a $600 maximum. Moreover, you are entitled to all our future exclusive MarawaPokerClub & Pokerstars promotions. So create your Pokerstars account now.

Oh yeah, before we forget: You need to be located in the US or in Canada to be part of the show.

The next step is to play in of the 4 daily qualifiers. You can play in these for free and they run from March 26 to June 25. The top 300 from each qualifier will go on to round 2. In round 2 you have to finish in the top 1000. Your next stop will then be the final round. Here you need to finish in the top 200. If you succeed, you are invited to send in a casting video. In this video you need to explain why you should be chosen to play in the Big Game. Impress big time and you’ll be part of the show!

The first episodes have already been shot and one of the qualifiers took some pictures on the set. Here’s how it looks like:

pokerstars big game1

pokerstars big game2

pokerstars big game3

pokerstars big game4

As you may see on the last picture, Amanda Leatherman will be the host of the show. Did the ‘loose canon’ of the first episode win? We don’t know, but he did say something about the hands he played on Twitter:

“Totally sick action heads up with @realkidpoker just now–might be hand of the series!!! #poker”

“I was in the two biggest hands so far… It will be sick TV on june 14th for PokerStars’ The Big Game!”